Thursday, January 3, 2013

The first EPUB3 reader for Android

Helicon Books Gyan Reader- The first EPUB3 reader for Android

People today expect more and more Multimedia in the Internet and in Digital books.
In 2011 the IDPF has announced the EPUB3 standard.
Right now most of the readers support the EPUB2 standard, and some of them added extensions to support part of the new capabilities of the EPUB3.
In September 12 Helicon Books has launched the first EPUB3 reader for Android- The Helicon Books Gyan Reader. This revolutionary step in the ebooks industry has opened a door not just for interactivity in the ebook industry but also for the high level education, science, and math books by adding capabilities of  showing mathematical formulas with the MathML.
The new EPUB3 reader of Helicon Books is also an answer for people with disabilities. The new feature of Media Overlay supports audio and light the phrases and words which are pronounced.

The new features of the reader

  • Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) - a vectorized graphic format that enables resizing of images without loss of quality
  • Interactive SVG - Similar to SVG but interactive that enables the user to click part of the image and see it moves or zoom
  • MathML - A markup language (based on XML) for rendering mathematical formulas
  • JavaScript - A programming language that enables developers add interactivity to websites or digital book pages
  • Support for Complex text layout languages - Language such as Hebrew or Arabic that are written from right to left. (the previous standard had partial support for these languages, the new standard fully support these languages including page progression direction)
  • Support for top to bottom languages - Languages such as Chinese or Japanese written from top to bottom are now fully supported
  • Fixed layout pages (mainly for children books and/or comic books)
  • Media Overlay (speak aloud as it is called by Apple) - A features adding a layer of audio on top of text or images, that the reader hightlights the words (or images) the audio is talking about, uses a special markup language (SMIL)
  • Support for video inside pages

Helicon books reader supports all the above features and more. It also supports more advanced features such as interactive 3D images that can be rotated in order to view the object from different directions.
The reader currently support Android platform only but will soon support also iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod etc.)
The reader is available for white labels licensing and customer specific customization.
You can purchase it from Google Play at .
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